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Paper-like wine & spirits labels with the performance of film

Premium wines and spirits need the right label – and that means a paper label for many brands. The shortcomings of conventional papers can become obvious in the ice bucket or cooling cabinet, however, with wrinkling, pleats or bubbling, changes in opacity or even complete loss of the label.

The Fasson® Aqua Proof range of materials has been designed to overcome these issues, providing labels that appear to be a paper to consumers, but which offer all of the desirable performance characteristics of film: 100% wet opacity, zero pleats, zero bubbles and reliable long-term adhesion.

Ultimate wet resistance

The highest level of resistance to water is achieved by using a premium film facestock in combination with the high-performance, rubber-based S2047N adhesive. The materials are also tougher than paper, and far more able to resist label tearing and scuffing during transport.

Multiple design options – and no tool adaptation

Aqua Proof materials give many design options, using flexo, offset, hotfoil, silk screen and embossing with no tool adaptation. Four shades are available: green, gold, blue and silver. The silver film is also available with a pattern (Aqua Proof Orion). This material gives converters a ‘touch and feel’, pearlescent facestock for a highly attractive premium image.

A further significant benefit for label converters is that they can reduce inventory levels, because premium labels can be created for almost any bottle using the Aqua Proof range, including sparkling wines, still white & rosé wines and spirits.

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Fasson® Aqua Proof ™ Orion S2047N BG45 WH IMP
AS917 Fasson® Aqua Proof ™ Silver   S2047N BG45 WH IMP