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Product Overview: The New White Wine Rainbow

White Rainbow Portfolio

White paper wine labels

The 5 New White Rainbow Products

White is the most-used colour in wine labels, with different shades needed to reflect specific application needs and brand images. The Avery Dennison White Rainbow materials broaden our wine labelling range still further, and offer you unique opportunities to differentiate.

New extra-white papers give you optimal colours when printing – the brighter the white, the greater the contrast. They also deliver improvements to the appearance of fine details.

New textured papers are available too, allowing you to create unique labels with a strong brand presence. All five White Rainbow papers will ensure impact on the shelf: this range of papers takes its inspiration from global trends, and fits a variety of consumer targets.

Available now
AW679 Rustique Extra White FSC S2030 BG45WH
AW680 Martelé Extra White FSC S2030 BG45WH
AW681 True Linen FSC S2030 BG45WH
AW682 Pure Cotton   S2047N BG45 WH IMP
AW683 Pampa FSCc S2047N BG45 WH IMP