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Cane Fiber Paper


High-performing sustainability
Sugar cane is an annual crop that is an essential raw material for the world’s sugar industry—and now a new solution for labeling. In the past, once processors extracted the cane sap, the residual pulp was usually discarded and either buried or burned. Now, the waste material is recycled into a product valued for its natural appearance and excellent print performance. Our Cane Fiber White Paper offers wine labelers eco-friendly materials with outstanding conversion performance.

Fasson® Cane Fiber Paper consists of 95% recycled sugar cane waste to create a high-performance wet-strength treated paper. The paper avoids tree loss and, unlike recycled papers, no chemicals are needed to remove any ink in order to ensure a white color. Although this is a “specialty” product, it is less costly than tree-free paper made for example from cotton. Eco-friendly, smooth and with a high degree of whiteness, Cane Fiber Paper is ideally suited to wine and spirits.