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Download our Sustainability Report 2012–2014
Download our Sustainability Report 2012–2014

Our Products


By inventing products and processes that make our customers’ operations and products more sustainable, we’re growing our business and effecting change exponentially. From labels that make more bottles recyclable to sustainable packaging for some of the world’s best-loved products, our solutions are agents of change working inside major brands worldwide.

2015 Goal

Create market-leading sustainable materials

Materials Group


More recyclable bottles and smarter packaging

Pressure-sensitive Materials, which goes to market as Materials Group, promotes sustainability among our customers in two main ways: by inventing solutions that make everyday objects more environmentally friendly and by offering customers the option of using materials—like Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC)-certified paper and reduced-petroleum films—that consume fewer resources in manufacturing. During the last two years, our Materials Group has developed a label that improves the recycling of glass bottles, helped cosmetics company L’Oreal design more efficient packaging and picked up a number of awards for CleanFlake™, our label that improves the recyclability of plastic bottles.

Retail Branding and Information Solutions


Helping to define the future of fabric and fabric design

For nearly everything our Retail Branding and Information Solutions (RBIS) business does, sustainability is a starting place. Working closely with leading brands and retailers around the world, our RBIS teams offer a diverse portfolio of solutions that reduce the environmental impact of packaging for apparel, footwear and accessories. Since our last sustainability report, RBIS has collaborated with award-winning fashion designer Christopher Ræburn®, announced a partnership with The Sustainable Angle to innovate apparel branding made with sustainable fabrics, and hosted The Future of Denim branding competition.

Vancive Medical Technologies™


Solutions for better care at lower costs

Vancive, our medical technologies business, works with healthcare market leaders around the world to develop science-based solutions that improve patient care and keep healthcare costs in check. Vancive promotes sustainable communities by helping to improve health­care, and by designing products that help minimize resource consumption and the use of toxic substances. Vancive advanced several notable innovations between 2012 and 2014, including an acrylic adhesive containing an antimicrobial agent for use with cover dressings that protect vascular access catheter sites; a thinner, more patient-friendly wound dressing; and a PVC, PVdC and plasticizer-free film for use in the production of bags for ostomy patients.