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Download our Sustainability Report 2012–2014
Download our Sustainability Report 2012–2014

Our Company


Change locally adds up globally: With more than 25,000 employees at over 170 sites in 50 countries, we can make a big difference just by making changes inside our operations. Companywide, we’re making safety a top priority, ensuring respect for human rights, increasing gender diversity and much more.



2015 Goal

Achieve a world-class safety incident rate of <0.40.

Establishing one of the best safety records in manufacturing

Safety is a core value at every Avery Dennison facility worldwide. Over the last two decades, we’ve steadily improved our practices and increased employee involvement and training to build one of the best safety records of any global manufacturing company. Our recordable incident rate (RIR) in 2014 was 0.34, far surpassing the general industry average of 4.4 and exceeding our target of 0.40 that was established as a part of our 2015 sustainability goals.

Social Responsibility


2015 Goal

Report on the social compliance performance of our key suppliers.

Respecting human rights in our business and our supply chain

We’re committed to advancing human rights and fair labor practices through our business activities. We work hard to ensure that the people who make our products are treated fairly and with respect. Our Employment Standards, which apply to our owned operations, and our Global Supplier Standards, which apply to our suppliers, are both guided by the broad principles advanced by the United Nations and International Labour Organization and cover company-owned operations as well as our supplier partners. To ensure compliance with our Employment Standards, we conduct periodic audits at our owned and operated facilities worldwide. A third party also audits our outsource suppliers to ensure they meet the expectations for human and labor practices specified in our Global Supplier Standards. As of the end of 2014, 64 of our subcontractors had been audited. 

Diversity and Inclusion


Putting more women in positions of leadership

As an Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity employer, we’ve long been committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. Since 2013, we’ve been particularly focused on increasing gender diversity. Our ambitious new goal: By the end of 2018, women will hold at least 40 percent of our leadership positions, which we define as manager level and above. We’ve begun to make that happen by creating leadership-development programs specifically for women, by making our work environment more flexible and by raising our employees’ awareness of unconscious gender bias. 

Employee Engagement, Development and Compensation


Strengthening our company by sharpening our skills

We’re enabling employees to acquire the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their jobs, grow professionally and pursue opportunities within our company. Our training and development programs invite employees worldwide to grow as experts and leaders in their chosen areas of expertise. Between 2012 and 2014, we continued to evolve our training and development offerings, adding several new elements. We also made changes in how we compensate employees. 

Values and Ethics


Playing fair as we play to win

When Stan Avery founded our company, he was intent on creating a values-based business as admired for its ethics and integrity as for its innovation. Eight decades later, we’re still a values-based company, with a strong program for ensuring regulatory compliance and adherence to our ethics and standards. Since our last sustainability report, we’ve broadened training in our Code of Conduct, required more employees to disclose potential conflicts of interest and we’ve cut in half the average time it takes us to complete investi­gations.