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Download our Sustainability Report 2012–2014
Download our Sustainability Report 2012–2014

Our 2025 Goals


Where we’re seeking change next.

Now that we’ve met or exceeded our 2015 sustainability goals, we have set the bar even higher, with more ambitious targets we’ll work toward over the next decade. We developed our 2025 goals after careful analysis of what is most important for our business and our stakeholders. They’ll help guide our ongoing efforts to use our innovative capacity and our position in the marketplace to create change from the inside out.



70 percent of the chemicals we buy will conform to, or will enable end products to conform to, our environmental and social guiding principles.

We want the materials we use in our products to have as little negative effect as possible on people and the planet, now and in the future. So we’ll source chemicals that are extracted and manufactured in ways that minimize such impacts.



70 percent of the film we buy will conform to, or will enable end products to conform to, our environmental and social guiding principles.

As with the chemicals we buy, we’ll source film that is extracted and manufactured in ways that minimize negative environmental and social impacts.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions


We’ll achieve at least 3 percent absolute reduction year over year.

Instead of measuring our emissions as indexed to net sales, we’ll now be measuring them—and reducing them—in absolute terms. By basing our approach on The 3% Solution developed by World Wildlife Fund, CDP and McKinsey & Company, we’ll cut emissions by a minimum of 26 percent over the next decade. We’ll do so by looking beyond energy efficiency to renewable sources, fuel switching and other strategies.



We’ll source 100 percent certified paper, of which 70 percent will be Forest Stewardship Council®–certified.

Our business depends on a sustainable paper supply. Because there isn’t currently enough certified paper on the market to meet our goal, we’ll be forging new kinds of partnerships to ensure that both our supply, and the world’s forests, will last.



We'll continue to cultivate a diverse, engaged, safe, productive and healthy workforce.

Building on our industry-leading safety record, our efforts to increase gender balance, our committment to human rights and more, we'll contribute to make every Avery Dennison facility worldwide a great place to work.

Products and Solutions


We’ll use innovation in sustainability—ours and others’—to grow revenues from sustainability-driven products and services. 70 percent of our products and solutions will conform to, or will enable end products to conform to, our environmental and social guiding principles.

We see sustainability not only as a necessity but also as an opportunity. By offering sustainable innovations to customers, we’ll drive sustainability well beyond the limits of our own operations and expand our business at the same time.



We’ll commit to goals publicly and be transparent in reporting progress against them.

In our annual sustainability report, online and in other forums, we’ll keep the conversation going among stakeholders inside and outside our company.



We’ll be 95 percent landfill-free, with at least 75 percent of waste reused, repurposed or recycled. We’ll also eliminate 70 percent of matrix and liner waste from our value chain.

Our products contribute to the waste stream after they leave our factories; we’ll help customers and other end users reduce that waste. In our own operations, we’ll increase the amount of waste we divert from landfills and use lower-impact alternatives to incineration to dispose of it.