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Download our Sustainability Report 2012–2014
Download our Sustainability Report 2012–2014

Our 2015 Goals


Our initial goals were great guides and motivators for us. We made great process as a result and came away with an even better understanding of the impacts of our business.

Achieve a world-class safety incident rate of <0.40


We met our goal early and continue to log incident rates far better than the industry average.

Report on the social compliance performance of our key suppliers


Through 2014, we have audited 64 of our outsource suppliers.

Create market-leading sustainable materials


We’re providing customers with more solutions than ever for reducing environmental impacts and strengthening their brands.

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions indexed to net sales by 15% from 2005 levels


We’re on track to meet our goal. As we close in on our target, we’re already looking at a more ambitious goal for limiting absolute GHG emissions.

Reduce manufacturing waste sent to landfill to 15% of our total waste generated


We met our goal two years early—and we’re not stopping there. The best way to avoid landfilling is to not produce waste in the first place. So we continually look for ways to minimize scrap material from manufacturing.

Help our strategic suppliers achieve a preferred environmental rating


We require strategic suppliers to comply with our Global Supplier Standards—including our environmental guidelines. We’re exploring approaches to helping them comply. 

Triple our community investment in emerging markets


We’re on track to meet our goal through giving as global as our business.