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Download our Sustainability Report 2012–2014
Download our Sustainability Report 2012–2014

Sustainability Report 2012–2014


Change happens from the inside out. 

Fellow stakeholders,

In a world with shrinking natural resources, a climate growing dangerously warm and a burgeoning population hungry for opportunity, change is essential. Individuals, companies and communities must move toward ways of doing things that ensure a viable future for everyone.

Such profound change begins inside. It happens when a person, a company, an industry or a community resolves to trade old ways for new, better ways—and then turns that resolve into action. When those actions inspire others to do the same, change has a real chance of taking hold.

As a solutions provider to multiple industries, and with a presence in 50 countries around the world, Avery Dennison is perfectly situated to spark change from the inside. We’re a force for good, challenging ourselves and others to reach higher and think bigger to improve the quality of all life. Our leadership position in the markets we serve means the effects of our actions and ideas can ripple outward to create change that encompasses far more than our own business.

Inside our operations, we’re creating change by building a culture of sustainability. We’re managing our environmental footprint, creating an extraordinarily safe workplace and fostering a fair, inclusive, ethical work environment in which all voices can be heard and everyone has the opportunity to make their mark.

From within the industries we serve, we’re providing our customers with solutions that reduce their environmental impact while strengthening their brands. In our supply chains, we’re working with suppliers to help them meet the same high standards for human rights and fair labor practices that we set for our own business.

And in the communities where we live and work, we’re creating change by supporting organizations that promote education, sustainability and compassionate response to people in need.

In the two years since our last biennial sustainability report, the change we’ve achieved has been significant. We’ve met or exceeded our initial sustainability goals, which we set in 2010. Key to our progress has been treating sustainability not as something we do, but how we do everything. We’ve integrated sustainability into our underlying business strategy, which is to provide sustainable momentum for all stakeholders. It’s a strategy that sets a clear course for growth while responding to the realities of a warming world, scarcer raw materials and our stakeholders’ increasing expectations of transparency. And it’s a strategy that’s working: as we’ve made gains toward sustainability, we’ve also posted strong annual growth and shareholder returns.


Our success so far is directly attributable to the capacity for change within our employees worldwide. They have enthusiastically embraced sustainability as a value. By practicing it every day, and sometimes pushing us to do even more, they’re making sustainability inseparable from who we are. Their hard work and creative thinking are inspiring.

Over the next decade, we’ll need to double down on our commitment as we work to meet the 2025 sustainability goals we’re announcing in this report. These new goals demand even more change from us; they’ll require us to stretch, as goals should. In working toward them, we’ll continue to lead our industry and move closer to realizing our vision of Avery Dennison as a thriving company that generates value, in every respect, for all of our stakeholders—today, and well into the future.

Where does change begin? We’re proud to say that one place it begins is at Avery Dennison. As we reflect on 80 years in business, we’re energized by the thought that the only thing more exciting than the changes we’ve seen over eight decades are the changes and innovations yet to come. Thank you for joining us on our journey.