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October 2016


Mon Oct 03 15:33:00 EDT 2016
Sustainability in the Label Industry: the Opportunity to Instigate Change

With the world’s exploding population, declining natural resources and accelerating climate change, the need for sustainable packaging has never been greater. Here’s how we see sustainability, the principles we’re following and the initiatives we’ve implemented to make the world better together.

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Tue Oct 04 15:37:00 EDT 2016
Our ClearIntent™ Portfolio: More Ways To Say Yes to Sustainability

You’ll find dozens of ways to improve the sustainability of your labels in our ClearIntent Portfolio - from our next generation CleanFlake adhesive that separates cleanly from PET containers during recycling, to our bio-based PE film made largely from sugarcane-based ethylene.

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Wed Oct 05 15:39:00 EDT 2016
Together We Can Do Beautiful Things: Our Sustainability Campaign

Designed to bring to life our sustainability purpose, products and innovations, “Together We Can Do Beautiful Things” uses animated videos, social media, case studies and a website to illustrate our intention to be a force for good in the industry.

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Thu Oct 06 15:40:00 EDT 2016
The Braskem Collaboration: Bringing Bio-Based Labels to Life

How we collaborated with one of the world’s leading makers of polyethylene, or PE, to create the bio-based PE that can be easily exchanged for fossil-based PE -- without major adjustments to the converting process.

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Bringing Bio-based Labels to Life Case Study
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