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Retail Point-of-Sale

Avery Dennison offers a range of labels to meet diverse retail needs

Diverse Functionality for Diverse Needs
From functional uses such as product identification, error corrections and price reductions to highly visible promotions and coupons, labeling is a critical part of every retail environment.

Each labeling situation has unique and important requirements: shelf markers may need eye-catching hologram graphics, while retail prescription applications may need easy-to-read and easy-to-print labels. Avery Dennison offers a wide range of products to meet the entire range of retail needs, consistently providing excellent performance and image quality.

Opaque Labels
Good opacity prevents interference from underlying barcodes, while also effectively dealing with small mistakes on packaging. Our product range includes highly opaque overlabeling options, excellent color-matching for price and offer information, as well as labels suitable for peel-and-win games.

Removable Labels

Small run tags, collars and peel-and-redeem coupons are increasingly used for promotion campaigns. Pharmaceutical products are also driving leaflet demand. Avery Dennison removable labels are designed to dispense without tack on the reverse, allowing production of many different item types on conventional presses.

Hologram Labels

Originally used in security applications, holographic labels are widely used for decorative purposes now that costs have fallen. A wide range of patterns is available, along with premium PET stock for maximum impact.