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Inventory Accuracy and Visibility


Avery Dennison offers a number of solutions to ensure inventory is scanned accurately by hand, on moving trucks, and from a distance on warehouse shelves.



RFID source tagging can enable faster processing, automatic product authentication, shipping verification and increased operational efficiencies, especially when variable information needs to be changed on the fly. When RFID-enabled shipments are received at a distribution center, the accuracy of the shipment is automatically verified, without the need for any touches by your workers, improving receiving accuracy and increasing processing of incoming merchandise.

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When scanning from a distance, Fasson SCANback is a retro-reflective polyester film designed to reflect light back to its source—making it ideal for long-range barcode scanning scenarios, including:

Warehousing applications, including warehouse shelf labeling and material tracking. The retro-reflectivity of SCANback makes it possible to scan large items in a stack as well as products on the top shelves.

Outdoor and high-speed applications, such as drive-through tollbooths and vehicle gate access labels. The two-year outdoor durability and high-seed scanability of SCANback makes it ideal for labels used for these situations.

Nighttime applications, such as variable information signage and markers with barcodes that must be scanned at night. The high retro-reflectivity and eye-catching appearance of SCANback make it useful for low-light and low-visibility conditions.