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Select Solutions™ Mix and Match

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Mix & Match™ lets you choose from a range of facestocks, and a selection of adhesives and release liners to create unique label constructions with the application and performance requirements you need.

Looking for your usual facestock with a special adhesive or liner? Do you need materials with gum-pattern adhesives? Our Mix and Match options can help you solve your unusual label problems - fast!

  • Thousands of possible Mix and Match combinations
  • Low minimum order quantity: only 1000 m2
  • Shipment: maximum 7 business days


Mix and Match allows extensive customisation

It is possible to achieve high performance and very sophisticated labelling materials with Mix and Match, including all of the following:

  • Piggybacks (multi-layer constructions)
  • Special gum patterns
  • Transfer Tapes
  • Gum twins
  • Back splits
  • Varying opacity in different colours
  • Adhesive luminescence

Interested? Contact us now and we will gladly answer your questions.