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Tamper-evident label product overview
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    Avery Dennison Creates New Tamper-evident Adhesive S788P


Tamper-evident Solutions

Flexsecure Tamper-evident label

Tamper-evident labels leave visible evidence behind in the event of unauthorized access, alteration or replacement of the product. They can e.g. be printed with identification numbers or other critical information such as warranty numbers and expiry dates. When used as seals they can also verify package integrity. 

Avery Dennison can offer multiple tamper-evident label solutions:

  • VOID labels:
    Leave an irreversible VOID message when label is detached from the label face. 
  • Destructible labels:
    The label splits into layers or shows destruction upon removal from packaging. Just a few examples are Foamtac, SharpTear™, PEHD and PVC Ultra-destructible films. 
  • Box damage films:
    Super strong label adhesive tears away parts of the packaging when removed.