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Fiber Tracker product overview
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Anti-counterfeiting Solutions

Fiber Tracker security label

Anti-counterfeiting labels incorporate hard-to-copy features or combination of features integrated with labels to enable authorities and/or consumers to tell between an authentic product and a counterfeit one.  

Depending on the required security level measures can be visible or hidden, and they include security threads, holograms, customized (UV) prints and high-end taggant technology. ‘Layered’ solutions are also available, which use a combination of security features designed for a particular application.

  • Holograms:
    Micro-embossed metallized paper with customised 2D/3D holographic diffraction patterns which can be registered on the Industrial Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) database for further security
  • Security Papers:
    OBA-free (Optical Brightening Agent) papers with/without fibres (visible or UV luminescent)
  • Advance print in laminates:
    UV and customized text print. Various colors and designs integrated within the label material.  
  • Security threads:
    Threads made of film material inserted into the label material visibly or covertly
  • Fiber Tracker:
    A paper label with an unique identifier that ensures authenticity. Fiber Tracker label verification is easy using a smartphone and Prooftag™ technology. 
  • Customized products:
    A combination of several other security features