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Product Overview: Cryogenic Label Materials

Cryogenic and laboratory label materials

Cryogenic labelCryogenic label materials from Avery Dennison help to ensure clear identification of biological materials from collection and storage through to transportation and delivery to the medical facility - and ultimately to the patient.

The cryogenic label material range has been designed for applications ranging from room temperature to storage in liquid nitrogen, including storage of healthcare materials in harsh deep-freeze environments. Avery Dennison cryogenic labelling materials can be applied on containers, tubes, vials, aluminum canisters and other challenging surfaces. They are used in applications that include healthcare, bio-banking, pharma and cattle breeding.

Avery Dennison offers a complete range of clear and white labelling materials for test tubes and laboratory applications in hospitals, clinics and research laboratories. They can be used to identify medical bottles, test-tubes and vials, which often have challenging surfaces and/ or small diameters, and can be exposed to chemicals and temperature changes. Printing technologies include thermal transfer, direct thermal or inkjet.

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Product Code Service Temper. Range Min. Application
Opaque Blockout Labels Autoclave Sterilization Printability Chemical Resistance Small Diameter Applications <15mm
TRANSFER VELLUM FSC S2060NP-BG40WH •AT754 -40 °C to +70 °C 0 °C     TT    
TRANSFER PEHD C2020P-BG40WH AO525 -50 °C to +80 °C -20 °C     TT    
THERMAL60 TOP K8 S2000NP-BG40BR AY612 -20 °C to +80 °C 0 °C     DT   Yes
THERMAL TOP S8 FSC C2020P-BG40WH •AX583 -50 °C to +80 °C -20 °C     DT    
THERMAL TOP S8 OPQ S2060NP-BG40WH BF174 -40 °C to +70 °C 0 °C Yes   DT   Yes
PP TOP WHITE S2196-BG40WH AZ452 -196 °C to +120 °C 10     TT, UVIJ   Yes
PP LIGHT TOP WHITE S717P-BG45WH •BD522 -50 °C to +121 °C       TT, UVIJ   Yes
PP TOP WHITE REV MET S692NP-BG40WH AY924 -20 °C to +80 °C   Yes   TT   Yes
PP LIGHT TOP CLEAR S717P-BG45WH •BF237 -50 °C to +121 °C     Yes TT, UVIJ   Yes
PP LIGHT TOP CLEAR S2196-BG40WH •BB624 -196 °C to +120 °C     Yes TT, UVIJ Yes Yes
PET50 PT CLEAR S692NP-BG40WH AX308 -20 °C to +80 °C     Yes TT    
PET50 PT WHITE S2196-BG40WH BH419 -196 °C to +120 °C     Yes TT Yes Yes
2.3M PP TOP WHITE C0196-40BG AH403 -196 °C to +120 °C -28 °C   Yes TT Yes Yes
PP NG TOP WHITE S2060NP-BG45WH AQ596 -40 °C to +70 °C 0 °C     TT   Yes
TRANSFER PEHD S2060NP-BG40BR AN038 -40 °C to +70 °C 1 °C     TT    
PB PP NG TOP WHITE 2XS2060NP-BG40BR/BG40WH AQ665 -40 °C to +70 °C 2 °C     TT    
PB PP NG TOP WHITE 2XC2020P-BG40BR/BG40WH AX238 -50 °C to +80 °C -20 °C     TT    


TT = Thermal Transfer Printability

DT = Direct Thermal Printability

UVIJ = UV Inkjet Printability

• The product codes highlighted by the dot are products fromthe ClearIntent™ portfolio.