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Complete Compliance Pharmaceutical labelling solutions

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Pharmaceutical Labelling Solutions


Nowhere else are safety, consistency, and predictability more important than in the pharmaceutical industry—and labelling is no exception. The need for innovative and functional packaging solutions is paramount when adhering to regulation and building consumer trust. The Avery Dennison line of dedicated pharmaceutical labels has been developed to meet the highest requirements of today’s rapidly expanding healthcare sector, protecting your brand, business, and customers.

End-to-End Protection

Identification and traceability at every level: safeguard your customers and your brand. We understand that secure distribution depends on a close partnership between the brand owner, the label converter, and the materials supplier. At Avery Dennison, we’re one of the leading providers of pharmaceutical labels designed to display and prevent attempts at counterfeiting, pirating or diversion.

In particular, the EU directive on Falsified Medicines (Directive 2011/62/EU) dictates ever more sophisticated solutions within increasingly complex distribution networks. Here, the falsification of medicines is hindered thanks to formal regulation, with Avery Dennison’s pharmaceutical labels assuring integrity thanks to tamper proof seals for product reliability across the the entire supply chain.

From simple but effective tamper-evident technologies to high-performance forensic taggants, we offer both the solutions and the scope of products required to ensure transparency and clarity—while conforming to both regulatory and commercial requirements. Choose from a broad range of pharmaceutical label technologies with multiple design features, including:

Overt Technology Covert Technology Forensic Technology
Watermarks Customized security papers DNA taggants
Paper colours UV luminescent fibres  
Visible embedded fibres Chemical protection and verification  
Filmic security threads Non-visible custom security threads  
2D/3D custom holograms UV prints  
Destructible films and anti-tampering Infrared taggants  
  Inorganic taggants  

Global Compliance: the Latest Pharmaceutical Labelling Standards

Compliance on a global scale. As the pharmaceutical industry advances with smarter, more effective health solutions, the Avery Dennison pharmaceutical label range adapts to ensure your brand is fully supported. Avery Dennison’s pharmaceutical labelling materials have been especially developed to meet the latest and most rigorous regulatory standards, including those set by the FDA and the EMA—meaning that when it comes to regional guidelines, we’re right where you need us.

To help protect your brand from changes in the health sector, we provide you with all the lead-time you need. Our change management policy means that any necessary updates to your pharmaceutical packaging and labelling are planned at least a year in advance. This helps maintain operational stability, fulfilling market requirements by providing the necessary documentation and the time to validate products.

Avery Dennison: Global Healthcare Label Solutions

Healthcare labelling is a competitive and growing segment. That’s why at Avery Dennison we’re committed to providing our customers with more: more innovation, more power, and more solutions. With a presence on six continents, organized around trade zones in 32 countries, and with a total of 65 distribution centres, we’re positioned to meet the growing needs of a global healthcare system—helping to bring consistency and predictability to every major market.