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Materials for Meat and Dairy Labels

Dairy and Meat: Label Solutions for Greasy Foods

Align your brand with the latest regulatory requirements—without compromising on quality. At Avery Dennison we produce high-performance adhesives and labels approved for all food labelling applications, including direct fatty food contact. We offer a full range of solutions in the Dairy and Meat Label Portfolio.

The Avery Dennison Dairy and Meat Label Portfolio

Grease in food such as dairy, meat, and confectionery prevents most standard adhesives from bonding, while most fatty foods require specially approved packaging for direct contact. In addition to this, the wholesale sector traceability legislation on beef requires field-to-plate identification, increasing the need for high-performance and easy legibility. To help face challenges presented by greasy foods, Avery Dennison has developed the dairy and meat label portfolio designed to meet regulatory and packaging requirements, boost brand identity, and enhance traceability, while eliminating the need for metal staples.


Direct Fatty Food labelling

Direct labelling is when the label comes in contact with the surface of the food. For example, in cheese labelling, labels are often applied to the rind of the cheese. This presents problems for labelers and consumers since, when applied directly, the adhesive and the label components can contaminate the food through a process known as migration.

There are European regulations in place to prevent such migration and help guide labelers and protect consumers. At Avery Dennison, we work with existing regulations to develop innovative solutions for both businesses and consumers. All of the products found within our dairy and meat label portfolio are fully compliant with European and BfR regulations, ensuring product safety, while our outstanding adhesives are guaranteed to provide the high performance necessary for prolonged exposure on fatty foods.




Labels for Meat and Dairy Packaging

Packaging also presents a problem for labelers, and Avery Dennison offers adhesives for even the toughest challenges such as vacuum packaging. Here, excellent adhesion on uneven surfaces is provided by S2045N and S2045C pasteurizable adhesives and face materials. This means that the adhesive can perform at room temperature, withstand the high temperature during pasteurization, and remain firmly applied on the shelf when refrigerated. Find face materials and adhesive combinations through our product finderfood.


Dairy is no lesser challenge, as the thin wrap used on products such as cheese means the adhesive components must also meet the health and safety standards set for direct food contact. Depending on the application and service temperatures, Avery Dennison has a broad variety of adhesives especially developed for greasy conditions, and fatty food approved: S2800, S4700, S692N, S2000, C2040. Explore the most suitable fatty food adhesive in our Adhesives overview. Our portfolio offers a comprehensive collection of dairy and meat labels that provide excellent adhesion even on uneven surfaces and under extreme conditions—while still aligning your brand with the latest regulatory standards. See more combinations in our Food product overview.


Contact Avery Dennison Today

We’re committed to finding the right labelling solution for your application. If you would like more information on the products available in the dairy and meat label portfolio, or you would like to learn more about our custom solutions, simply contact your local Avery Dennison representative for a consultation.