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More flexible packaging

Flexible food packaging

Flexible food packaging

More and more flexible packaging is being created by brands, including not only conventional products and ingredients but new presentations of familiar foods:

  • pouches – for confectionery, cookies, cereals, soup and pasta
  • bags – for vegetables, fruit, cereals, bread, rice and snack foods
  • sachets – for sauces, dressings, condiments, sugar, tea and coffee.

This type of packaging offers significant advantages, including weight savings, better environmental credentials and convenience. The big challenge for manufacturers is to make packaging easy to use for the consumer, with features such as the right kind of closure, good product protection and retention of shelf appeal.

Adhesive technology is a key component in meeting these requirements. Fasson® adhesives give you all of the creative and functional choices you need, with pack closures and reclosure solutions that perform reliably and ensure minimum interference with packaging design. The right adhesive choice allows the consumer to store a longer-term food product in its own packaging over time, keeping your brand firmly in mind.

Facestock choices are the other crucial element. Safeguarding your brand values means using the right combination of substrate and facestock, as a clear indication of product quality. Avery Dennison is constantly innovating to give you an unparalleled range of choices.