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Label Materials for Chilled and Frozen Food


Labels for Frozen Food—High Performance at Low Temperatures

Frozen food labelling presents a unique set of challenges—and therefore calls for highly targeted solutions. From facestock to adhesive to application method, every aspect of the label must be prepared for sub-zero temperatures. For frozen food labels that never relent, discover Avery Dennison’s selection of quality materials and adhesives.


Lasting Labels for Standout Brands

The chilled and frozen food market is driven by a number of factors—not least consumer choice and industry regulations. When it comes to labelling and packaging, it is therefore crucial that brands have the opportunity to stand out whilst ensuring full compliance. In the eyes of the consumer, packaging quality is synonymous with product quality, so labels for frozen food need to look great and remain intact. Avery Dennison label materials not only stand up to the physical challenges of chilled food storage, but also offer total freedom when it comes to design. High quality frozen food labels ensure:

  • Clear, unique branding that communicates product quality at the point of sale
  • Durable label design that remains intact despite cold, moisture and repeated product handling
  • Important product information is preserved, such as preparation guidelines, best-before dates and nutritional values.

Discover our range of cold-hardy solutions for frozen food labels in the Food Product Overview.

Choose the right adhesive for your food label


Application temperature

Service temperature

Resists Pasteurization


-25 °C

-50 °C > +80 °C



-15 °C

-50 °C > +120 °C



0 °C

-40 °C > +70 °C


-5 °C

-40 °C > +70 °C



0 °C

-40 °C > +80 °C



5 °C

-40 °C > +80 °C



-20 °C

-50°C to 80°C


Conformable Film with Hotmelt Adhesive

For high-performance labelling on flexible chilled food packaging, our conformable film together with hotmelt adhesive presents a superior solution. Consisting of a white, non-treated polyethylene film, a glassine paper liner and Avery Dennison S2045N® adhesive, this highly innovative construction can withstand storage temperatures from -40°C to +70°C. What’s more, the adhesive used offers initial tack on chilled surfaces that is up to 4 times higher than that of standard hotmelt adhesives.

Labels for Frozen Food: Select Solutions™

Further options for low temperature labelling can also be found within our Select Solutions™ portfolio.

Securing Label Success with Avery Dennison

Frozen food labelling is especially challenging, and success doesn’t only depend on the right materials. At Avery Dennison, we focus on providing an across-the-board service; all of our solutions are backed by unbeatable expertise, technical support and guidance. No matter what your target market or unique requirements, we are on hand to help with scale-up, converting and application—and everything else in between. Be it labels for frozen food or another application entirely, contact us today to get your project started.