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Case study: controlling the cold chain for Dessert Farms
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S9500 biodegradable and compostable adhesive range
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White Paper: Pasta Sauce Shoppers See Freshness

Food Labelling Solutions


Food Labels — Memorable Branding and Flawless Functionality

Split-second consumer decisions count—and so does brand perception. When it comes to food labelling, brands and converters face a unique set of challenges: how do you make an impact on the shelf whilst preserving product quality? From plastic or glass container labels to peel and reseal solutions, Avery Dennison offers an extensive range of food-safe materials—for creative yet compliant food labels.


Food Labelling Solutions for all Applications

Food labels need to be multifunctional, making an impact not only at the point-of-sale but throughout the product lifespan. It is also essential that they are safe for use with food, be it meat and dairy produce or fresh fruit and vegetables. With innovative solutions from Avery Dennison, brands and converters need not be restricted by industry regulations; from food-safe adhesives to high-performance facestocks, our food-approved portfolio allows you the freedom to create unique, multi-purpose labels. Adaptable to all different environments and food types, our solutions have been designed for compliance, durability and visual appeal—ensuring unforgettable branding and product preservation.

Food-Safe Adhesives that do the Job

No matter what the product or packaging type, it is essential to use the right adhesive—especially when labelling food. Avery Dennison adhesives are food-safe and extremely versatile, allowing for high-performance labelling that complements all kinds of packaging designs. Additionally, the Avery Dennison adhesives are fully compliant with current European regulations and certification is available to download from the ADvantage resource centre.

Our adhesive technology is ideal for:

  • Flexible packaging—create functional labels for all packaging types, including pouches, bags,sachets, plastic trays and other plastic packaging.
  • Direct contact food labels—safe, cost-effective labelling of individual fruit and vegetable products, meats, cheeses and baked goods.
  • Low temperature applications—suitable for frozen or refrigerated food packaging that is stored in low temperature environments.
  • Glass packaging—self-adhesive “no-label” look creates exceptional shelf appeal for sauces, condiments, spices and more.
  • Peel and reseal labels—ensuring user-friendly, open-and-close functionality for dry, fresh and frozen foods.


A Variety of Facestocks for Innovative Food Labelling

In addition to food-friendly adhesives, choosing the right finish is a crucial part of food label design. Avery Dennison offers the widest range of food-approved films in Europe, but apart from the wide range of standard paper and film facestocks, our portfolio contains eye-catching facestocks that make an instant impression. Brands and converters can choose from:  

  • Self-adhesive Silver Solutions—high-impact metallised labelling for both rigid and squeezable containers.
  • Oxygen barrier range—prevents oxygen and moisture from entering food packaging, preserving product freshness for increased shelf life.
  • Direct Thermal films—clear direct thermal films for transparent labels, and radiant and coloured direct thermal films—ideal for water, oil and plasticiser-resistant food labelling.

Setting Brands Apart with Avery Dennison

Quality food labelling is all about maximum shelf appeal, high functionality and product preservation. Whether it’s refreshing your brand or finding converter-friendly solutions, the Avery Dennison food-approved portfolio ensures both creative freedom and industry compliance. Our materials and adhesives are compatible with a range of environments and food types—allowing you to create food labels that work for your products. Achieve maximum brand potential with innovative food labelling; browse our solutions or contact us today.