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PVC films for outdoor use label materials
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UV filtering overlaminates brochure
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Whitepaper: Durable Labels for Outdoor Use

Quality label materials for outdoor use

Lawn mover danger label

​Weatherproof and UV resistant

Outdoor use self-adhesive labels are exposed to UV light and outdoor conditions for a long period of time. Examples are: tool labels, garden equipment labels, bicycle labels and other sporting goods labels, also air conditioner labels and fire extinguisher labels.

Avery Dennison's range of UL recognised label materials for outdoor use feature polymeric plastisized PVC films:

  • PVC Outdoor: calendered films available in white, transparent, silver and yellow
  • PVC Cast: high performance ​cast films available in white transparent and silver

For details about these products please  download our PVC films brochure

UV filtering overlaminates to protect labels

Some inks - especially for conventional printing techniques - show a low UV resistance. Usually red and yellow colors fade out first when labels are exposed to the sunlight.​ To limit or postpone the color change, UV sensitive inks have to be protected from UV light.
A very effective method used in the self adhesive industry is to apply a laminate which contains UV light absorbing particles. In addition, overlaminating films protect printed labels against the influence of humidity, ozone, chemicals and abrasion.

Avery Dennison ​Overlam PET 23 UV  is a UV absorbing, crystal clear, gloss overlaminating polyester film which can prolong the life time of printed labels.  ​For further information please refer to our UV filtering overlamination films product overview.

How UV light affects label materials for outdoor use

UV light is a part of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the sun. Its wavelength is lower than the light human eyes can see. 

Organic molecules often absorb UV light; their molecular chains are degraded. The colors of pigments which are used in inks can change under the influence of UV light. Polymeric films (for example PE, PP or PET) turn yellowish or even brownish, become brittle and can crack.

Optical brighteners which are used in the production of many papers have a low UV resistance. Once they are degraded the paper becomes greyish. The UV degradation is a slow process; the attack is dependent on the extent and degree of exposure.

In order to create effective label materials for outdoor use, printing inks used for the production of UV resistant and weatherproof labels have to be chosen carefully, high light fastness is required. Ink suppliers can support with advice on the best suitable inks.​

Contact us if you would like to know more about our solutions for label materials for outdoor use.