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Download the Oil Can Label Materials - Product Overview
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Drum Label Materials and Oil Can Label Materials


​In the chemical industry, label materials have to withstand contact with harsh chemical environments and potentially hazardous materials. They are also often applied to challenging substrates, sometimes in extreme weather conditions. Avery Dennison Drum Label Materials and Oil Can Label Materials provide high performance solutions for such challenging applications. ​

​The Drum Label portfolio offers label materials suitable for chemical drum labels and steel drum labels, and for plastic drum applications such as HDPE and IBC tote labels​:

  • GHS-compliant labels and BS5609 certified labels (Marine Test)
  • Matt coated filmic label materials for superior performance
  • Special polyethylene and polypropylene label materials for laser applications
  • Label materials for water-based inkjet printers

Materials in the chemical drum labels portfolio can handle heat, cold, rain, snow and salt water. These label materials offer consistent print performance and readability over the life of the drum, through all climate or environmental changes. Avery Dennison Drum Label Materials are designed to perform well when applied by hand, and have high dimensional stability. Contact us now!

​Globally Harmonized System (GHS) compliant labels

Once a chemical is classified, the label is the most visible element, communicating the hazards that transportation and use of chemical drums might entail. The Globally Harmonized System (GHS) for Classification and Labelling of Chemicals is an international, standardised set of criteria for labelling chemical containers, chemical drums and barrels, showing hazard information and safety precautions.

​The Drum Label Materials portfolio from Avery Dennison enables straightforward creation of GHS-compliant labels. Our new product AZ089 is now also suitable for water-based inkjet printing. It gives GHS-compliance with smaller quantities, on site, or for late-stage printing - including BS5609 certification. Download our drum label product overview.

British Standard 5609 (BS5609) certified labels

BS5609 requires a label to withstand extreme weathering conditions and sea-water exposure, in order to obtain compliance. Avery Dennison test protocols are designed to ensure resistance and durability of the drum label materials - for example, one test assesses adhesion and label quality after 90-day immersion of the drum label materials in sea water. For more information about the portfolio that complies with Part 2 (Marine Performance Test) of BS5609, download our list of BS5609 pt. 2 (Marine Test) certified labels.


Oil Can Label Materials

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Car oil, l​ubricant oils and motor oils pose major labelling challenges. Container contents are oily and aggressive, and container surfaces can make it difficult for the label material to adhere correctly. In addition, a hot filling process is increasingly used where cans or containers are filled with hot or warm fluids. The resulting change in temperature means the container material first expands and then shrinks back when the fluid cools down. The hot filling process puts strain on label materials: container expansion and contraction causes a regular label to lose adhesion, resulting in pleats and bubbles. For applications where labels are applied on the filling line of the oil brand, S477 adhesive for lubricant and oil can labelling is the right choice.

Avery Dennison Oil Can Label Materials adhesives S277 and S477 perform well under such demanding conditions, and are now proven solutions in the industry. They cope with rough, smooth, HDPE or metal surfaces, and they are able to resist very significant environmental pressures - while maintaining the look of the oil can label material. In particular, our well-known S277 adhesive is recommended when labels are applied straight after blow moulding of the container. ​

Download the  Drum Label Materials and Oil Can Label Materials​ ​portfolio overviews, or Contact us to learn more about our products.