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Distinctive Looks, Advanced Materials
Capturing consumer attention at the store shelf is more than desirable—it’s critical. With more than 100,000 competitors in the beverage industry alone, it’s a challenge to elevate your brand message above the noise.  Research tells us that most buying decisions are made on impulse, three feet away from the shelf. In that “moment of truth,” our advanced materials and adhesives can help influence the sale.

The physical shape of beverage packaging design is a key element of the overall brand experience. The pairing of contoured packages with eye-catching labels opens new possibilities to differentiate your product. That’s why Avery Dennison offers a wide variety of specialized films, papers, and eco-friendly materials designed for all types of label shapes and sizes. With pressure-sensitive technology, you can cut your process scrap rates, achieve higher application speeds, and increase your line capacity. We have labels that can incorporate on-product promotions, enable recycling with easily removable adhesives and even track packages efficiently with RFID.

Polyphane™ Fit Roll-Fed Sleeve Films   
Polyphane™ Fit from Avery Dennison is a new recyclable roll-fed sleeve film with a shrink ratio of up to 50 percent. This enables brand managers and packaging designers to use a broader range of contoured bottles. Polyphane Fit roll-fed sleeve films are compatible with the PET recycling stream and deliver a cost-effective label decoration alternative. Capabilities include:

•    Ability to wrap up to 50,000 bottles per hour
•    Can be printed using flexo, gravure and offset
•    Can be applied with all seaming processes, including hot-melt adhesive, UV adhesive, solvent, ultrasonic, and laser
•    Compatible with conventional wraparound equipment

Wash Away Recycling
Avery Dennison’s wash away labels easily detach from glass bottles in conventional washers without leaving any residue on the bottle, streamlining bottle recycling and lowering energy costs for recyclers. Wash away products are ideal for companies looking to increase the sustainability of their products while also reducing costs.

Avery Dennison’s Multi-Cycle labels are designed to endure bottle-cleaning processes for more than 30 cycles. This technology eliminates the need for new label materials every time containers return to the bottling line. In doing so, Multi-Cycle labels generate substantial savings by reducing label, ink, energy, and transportation costs.  

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