Laminate waste recycling programme

Matrix waste

Avery Dennison works with a group of designated partners to collect and process waste from labelling products. The goal is to enable label converters and brand owners to avoid disposal at landfill sites or incineration plants, and to improve their sustainability performance.


Filmic Matrix Recycling programme

Matrix waste is a particular challenge for recyclers, due to adhesive contaminations.

In the United Kingdom, Avery Dennison works with a recycler of post-industrial plastic waste to process PP and PE matrix waste. Matrix rolls are recycled by our partner into new compound pellets, and these pellets are then used in injection moulding applications such as car bumpers or trim, homewares, plastic furniture, paint trays and storage systems.

Avery Dennison is always looking for additional partners to extend the availability of our recycling programmes still further.


Waste conversion programme – Antonio Tramonto Dennison has developed a waste conversion programme in Northern Italy, to help create a cleaner environment and save on existing waste disposal costs.  The programme was launched in 2014, and many converters have joined it.

Siliconised liner and all other waste that can be recycled and segregated is first collected by Tramonto. It is then channelled through the best available recycling solution.

Laminate waste, such as matrix waste or start-up reels, is processed for the production of RDF (refuse-derived fuel), and supplied to cement plants as an alternative to coal. 



The solution provided with Antonio Tramonto not only provides an alternative to landfill or incineration, with consequent reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, but also turns waste into a resource, reducing fossil fuel dependency. 

Depending on circumstances, the fees for the new scheme have the potential to offer label converters cost savings of up to 20%.

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