Paper liner recycling: Cycle4green

Glassine paper waste

Avery Dennison supports the Cycle4green paper liner recycling programme. This Europe-wide service allows paper release liner to be recycled entirely into paper - contributing significantly to sustainability, while also saving waste reprocessing costs for label converters and brand owners.


How does the paper liner recycling programme work?

Rather than incinerating paper liner waste or sending it to landfill, silicone is first removed by Lenzing Papier GmbH (Austria) and the waste is then turned into recycled paper products. This recycled paper is also used for facestocks and liner in the production of of self-adhesive labels.

The recycling service includes provision of collection boxes, collection on-site, transportation to the recycling plant and recycling of the liner waste.

Tailor-made solutions are set up individually for each customer and site. These solutions take account of key parameters that include material quality after sorting, waste volumes, storage capacity on-site, location and transportation.


Benefits of paper liner recycling

Recycling of paper release liner decreases emissions of carbon dioxide. Label converters and brand owners can save on their usual waste processing costs, while also protecting the environment and improving brand credentials. 

Paper liner recycling with SmurfitKappa

Together with SmurfitKappaAvery Dennison has designed a recycling programme for paper release liner waste within the Benelux and parts of Germany.

How does it work?
​The programme makes use of SmurfitKappa’s existing collection infrastructure, and combines liner-waste collection with that for other paper or corrugated board waste categories. This approach enables label converters and end users to reach the critical mass needed to handle the complex logistics around liner recycling, even with limited liner volumes. The spent paper liners end up as raw material for the production of new corrugated board in Europe.

The Avery Dennison-Smurfit Kappa release liner program helps brand owners to reduce waste management costs by avoiding the need for disposal. This program is advisable in applicable geographic locations, where significant amounts of other paper waste streams are also being generated.

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