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Key Innovations

Research & Insights

What is so appealing to consumers
As pressure-sensitive labels become more prevalent in the marketplace, consumers have begun to voice strong preferences about this remarkable technology. Here you’ll find research and insights on these high-performing labels and discover what makes them so appealing to consumers.

Complete Compliance – the easy way to meet regulatory demands

Rapidly increasing regulatory demands are making a big impact on label converters. It means that a new philosophy is needed – a way of reliably and simply meeting the growing pressures from legislation.

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Quality That's Clear Wins Jam Buyers

Study Shows Pressure-Sensitive Plastic Labels More Appealing Than Paper for Jams and Jellies Specifically for quality, the plastic label was determined to hold a statistically significant advantage over the paper label.

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Cleaner Design Moves Cleaning Products

Study Shows Pressure-Sensitive Film Labels Preferred for Laundry and Surface Care Applications When asked why they preferred the clear pressure-sensitive label, consumers most often cited the label\'s cleaner, less distracting, simpler design.

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Pasta Sauce Shoppers See Freshness

Study Shows Pressure-Sensitive Plastic Labels Show More Product Through the Packaging Than Paper for Pasta Sauce Consumers felt a clear plastic label best communicated the following important product associations: Contemporary, Unique, Premium Product, Environmentally Friendly, Authentic

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Tea Drinkers Favor Pressure Sensitive Labels

Study Shows Pressure-Sensitive Plastic Labels Significantly Preferred for Ready-to-Drink Tea Application When asked why they preferred the transparent pressure-sensitive label, consumers most often cited the visibility of the tea through the labeled container as the dominant reason.

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Shelf Appeal Drives In-Store Purchasing

The Beauty of a Brand Lies in the Eye of the Consumer Consumers spend just seconds at the shelf deciding what product to buy. Innovative labeling and packaging are the primary differentiators for influencing in-store purchasing decisions and brand recognition.

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