The Pressure-Sensitive Advantage

Pressure-sensitive labeling isn’t just an innovative, attractive-looking technology; it’s also cost-effective. PS labels can greatly improve your operational efficiency by enabling higher line speeds, cost material reductions, reduced downtime, and much more. Like many breakthrough innovations, pressure-sensitive labels have evolved since their arrival on the market. The latest generation of materials offers possibilities that confer deliver distinct advantages to converters and brand owners alike.
Pressure-Sensitive Labels Facts
As the technology matures, pressure-sensitive labels have gained efficiencies that now place their total applied cost equal to or lower than other label technologies.

Pressure-sensitive labels can achieve some of the highest application speeds and require only one step to apply.

For companies working to achieve greater sustainability, we now offer dozens of thinner facestocks, adhesives and liners.

Recent developments make pressure-sensitive labels possible on virtually any container type, across a broad array of product categories. Read more about our innovations with pressure-sensitive labels.

Surveys show that consumers prefer pressure-sensitive labels to other labels. Visit our White Papers page to see what’s driving consumer preference.

Pressure-Sensitive Labeling Technical Comparison

The benefits of pressure-sensitive labeling are clear when you look at all the advantages over other labeling technologies.

Pressure-sensitive labeling vs...