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Advanced Adhesives

Advanced Adhesives

A grip on any challenge with Avery Dennison Advanced Adhesives


Ever since inventing the self-adhesive label, Avery Dennison has been creating new and more advanced adhesives.

Label converters depend on the right choice of adhesive, to ensure that labels look good, comply with regulations, perform in the real world and convert properly. Adhesive technology is also critical for added functionality such as peel-and-read, security labelling or RFID. Above all, the right choice of adhesive ensures a competitive edge.

Our unique combination of adhesive expertise and coating know-how (emulsion, hotmelt and solvent) gives converters access to the widest of all adhesive portfolios.

We develop adhesives that deliver both high performance adhesion to various substrates and also extended functionality such as reclosure, wash-off and more. They suit applications across health and personal care, food, pharmaceuticals, wine, beer, beverages and logistics…all the way from deep freeze adhesives to hot metal labelling.


The right adhesive for your challenge, offering:

• Outstanding functionality

• Operational savings in converting and dispensing

• Ultimate shelf appeal to achieve higher opacity or clarity

What we offer

• Advanced adhesives for any application challenge

• Solvent, emulsion and hotmelt coating technologies

• More than 80 years of expertise and experience in adhesive development

• Technical support

• Application testing

Adhesive innovation examples

Thinner labelling materials offer lower transport costs, fewer reel changes, higher shelf impact and improved sustainability. Avery Dennison ClearCut™ adhesives are one way to ‘go thin’ for filmic facestocks, without compromising high speed conversion and dispensing. ClearCut adhesives also deliver exceptional clarity and low bleed performance.

Avery Dennison TrueCut™ is an innovation designed to support paper label conversion speeds up to 100% higher than leading alternatives, with fewer web breaks, prolonged die life (from lower pressure cutting) and shorter time-to-stick.

More sustainable
Avery Dennison is also constantly developing new sustainable labelling solutions. For example, Avery Dennison CleanFlake™ is a water-based, adhesive that enables clean separation of a label from PET flakes during the recycling process; contributing to the bottle-to-bottle recycling stream. Another example is our compostable adhesive that, used in combination with a compostable facestock, provides customers with a more sustainable labelling solution.

The Avery Dennison Complete Compliance service helps converters satisfy all global regulatory requirements. Every adhesive innovation takes into account related compliance information such as food regulations, UL-certification, BS5609 certification, plastic regulations, REACH, ISO and regional issues.