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Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives Overview Brochure


In this video Ophelia Gallagher, application consultant, talks you through the different adhesive technologies, highlighting key features. Supported by an adhesive overview brochure, you should be well-equipped to select the right adhesive for your application!
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Adhesive Technologies
Our versatile technologies provide an extensive and comprehensive spectrum of adhesive properties.

All our adhesives start with a rubber or acrylic backbone. Generally speaking, cardboard, wood and glass favor acrylic-base adhesives, while apolar materials such as plastics and rubber do best with a rubber-base adhesive. We have four different adhesive technologies: solvents, emulsion, hotmelt and UV-hotmelt. Additional ingredients are then used to fine-tune individual adhesive properties. These can include tackifiers, process aids and product enhancers. When combined with the appropriate laminate and matched to a specific surface, we at Avery Dennison can deliver an extremely precise set of label properties to fit your exacting standards.


Selecting the Right Adhesive

When selecting an adhesive, it’s important to answer a few basic questions. How will your label be used? What performance characteristics do you require? How long does your label have to last? And how do you want your label to behave at the end of its life?

Avery Dennison provides the unmatched technical expertise and close customer support to ensure you get the right adhesive for your application, every time. Contact a sales representative today.

We help label converters achieve their project requirements in sectors as diverse as food, durable goods, wine and spirits, pharma and more. Visit our Solutions page to learn more about what technologies will work best for your application.