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Substance is defined as a chemical element and its compounds in the natural state or obtained by any manufacturing process, including any additive necessary to preserve its stability and any impurity deriving from the process used, but excluding any solvent which may be separated without affecting the stability of the substance or changing its composition.

Some materials are totally exempt from REACH:

  • Radioactive substances
  • Non-isolated intermediates
  • Substances under customs supervision
  • Waste

ECHA will maintain an inventory of registered substances, with a registration number for each. ECHA has issued detailed Guidance for identification and naming of substances under REACH, which addresses how substances are identified and named for purposes of REACH, including criteria for determining if substances are the same.

The materials available and information provided at the Avery Dennison ADvantage: Complete Compliance site are for informational purposes only and not for the purpose of providing legal advice.