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Paper and Board

Paper and board are not subject to specific EU legislation for them, but must comply with the requirements of Framework Regulation (EC) no 1935/2004, which states that materials and articles made of paper and board shall be manufactured in compliance with good manufacturing practice so that, under normal or foreseeable conditions of use, they do not transfer their constituents to food in quantities which could:

  • endanger human health, or
  • bring about an unacceptable change in the composition of the food, or
  • bring about a deterioration in the organoleptic characteristics of the food.

National requirements may apply and compliance needs to be demonstrated according to the national regulation of the country where the product will be placed on the market.  There are national requirements in countries including but not limited to the Netherlands, France, and Italy.

There are industry guidelines available, such as the guideline from the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) Guidance for paper and board FCMs.  The guidelines provide recommendations for testing and risk assessment to meet European requirements, traceability, declaration of compliance, and other issues.