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Our sustainability program

About the Avery Dennison Greenprint chart


Environmentally responsible labelling and packaging can make for a greener world – and a greener bottom line, too.

That’s why Avery Dennison has created Avery Dennison™ Greenprint – a product life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology that helps our customers understand the environmental consequences of their labelling and packaging decisions.

By quantifying the impact of functional labelling and packaging made from fewer and more sustainable materials, we spark innovation and promote more meaningful decision-making.

A Greener Path To Market

The goal? Improved label performance and environmental footprint.

Every Avery Dennison™ Greenprint provides environmental impact data across six categories:

  • Amount of fossil content in the raw materials (barrels of oil)
  • Number of trees used to make the raw materials
  • Measure water use (litres or gallons)
  • Measure of greenhouse gas emissions (tonnes of CO2)
  • Solid waste generated (tonnes)
  • Measure of primary energy used (kWh or MJ)
Making sustainability quantifiable

Avery Dennison™ Greenprint also provides CPG companies with sustainability facts that consumers can easily understand. For example, Avery Dennison™ Greenprint can translate a recycled label design into the number of trees save, creating a powerful sustainability story that can elevate a company’s brand and accelerate its product sales.