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The first hybrid self-adhesive label material for the automotive industry


Over the last decades the automotive industry shows an increased use of low surface energy plastics. Self-adhesive materials produced with present technology do not perform adequately regarding the adhesive properties. They also are difficult to convert and in many cases show adhesive ooze.

To solve these problems Avery Dennison has developed a self-adhesive label material, combining both rubber and acrylic adhesive technology into one revolutionary product.

The S8049 is a completely new, self-adhesive development. It has been tested for 1500 hours in the lab against the most stringent automotive specifications and has been evaluated for convertibility. Additional testing by converters confirmed our results.

Combining rubber and acrylic gives the best of both worlds:
  • Exceptional ahesive performance onto rough, slightly oily or very low surface energy plastics
  • High resistance to heat, oils, solvents and other harsh chemicals
  • Easy conversion and application reducing productions costs, saving money
  • Despatched from Germany within on average 2 days
  • Offered with our most popular polyester (PET) facestocks for automotive applications