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Greenprint analysis: Global MDO vs PE85 - Use less, expect more
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More about the ClearCut adhesive technology

Global MDO™ featuring ClearCut™ Adhesive Technology

A Flexible Solution for Every Segment

Ketchup and shampoo bottles with Global MDO labels
Use less, expect more

Consumer product containers involve many different shape-related, performance and aesthetic challenges. Labelling materials must offer design flexibility and meet consumer demand for greater sustainability, at the right cost.

Until now, labelling with conformable films has always involved compromise. Thicker films were difficult to convert, lacked clarity and used a lot of material. Thinner and more rigid films gave clarity, but were not conformable enough.


What is Global MDO?

Global MDO™ is a more sustainable, semi-squeezable self-adhesive construction designed to improve conformable labeling across all application types, from food through to home and personal care and general purpose segments. In addition, with all the benefits of Avery Dennison ClearCut™ S7000 adhesive technology, and a thin recyclable PET liner, it gives users a flexible facestock and a lower total applied cost across the value chain.


Global MDO with ClearCut™ adhesive
  • On PET23 liner, Global MDO is close to 50% thinner (vs. PE85 on BG40 liner) but retains high-speed conversion and dispensing.
  • Twice as many labels on nearly the same size of roll give up to 16% savings on transport costs, fewer reel changes, and increased warehouse space.
  • 43% less solid waste and 25% less energy use during manufacture (vs. PE85) mean big sustainability gains throughout the value chain.
  • Global MDO gives a winning 'no label' look: the Global MDO film facestock ensures 30% less haze (vs. PE85) and S7000 offers a 100% improvement in water whitening resistance.
  • Labels easily survive demanding shelf environments like kitchen, bathroom, refrigerator and supermarket.
  • Clear, unique matt silver and high opacity white versions and the option for over varnish make this the most flexible option in semisqueeze products today.
  • Up to 40% less adhesive bleed (vs. current industry standards) virtually eliminates equipment downtime due to cleaning adhesive build up.
  • It means higher production capacity and higher revenues.
  • The PET 23 liner virtually eliminates web breaks and contamination from dust.

Food contact approved

An even wider range of possible applications is ensured by approval for direct contact with food – across all components:

  • TC7007: Leading food packaging consultancy Adfopack has concluded that Avery Dennison’s TC7007 topcoat, applied at the intended film weight as a topcoating on the outside of plastic films, complies with Article 3-1 (a) of Regulation (EC) No 1935.2004 and is safe to be used in all food contact applications.
  • Global MDO: Global MDO meets EU Regulation 10/2011 on plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.
  • S7000: The adhesive complies with European food regulation 1935/2004/EC, with the German Recommendation (BfR) XIV and with FDA § 175.105. It also meets the demands of the limit values laid down in 10/2011/EU.

More information on Global MDO for food applications in our ThinkThin Films page.