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The self-adhesive label with higher shelf impact and improved sustainability

Product packaging that can be recycled and reused safely is now a core demand from consumers and businesses alike. In response to that demand, Avery Dennison has developed a new Wash-off label, suitable on all glass returnable bottles. Thanks to an innovative duo-layer construction and a unique adhesive range, Avery Dennison Wash-off labels detach easily from glass in a conventional washer.


Greater shelf appeal

Returnable glass bottles can now enjoy similar high-impact labeling as non-returnable packaging. Exceptional facestock clarity opens up brand-defining ‘no-label’ design possibilities.


A wide choice of printing techniques

A print-receptive top-coating ensures simple and reliable printing using conventional technologies. Options include letterpress, flexo, gravure and screen. Fast and accurate automatic application keeps dispensing costs down.


Easy to switch, easy to recycle

Wash-off labelling offers brand owners a simple and immediate replacement for any existing label. No adaptations are needed to existing operating environments. Energy-savings can be achieved because breweries have the option of lowering washer temperatures to 65°C. Recycling can also be more productive thanks to fewer washer water changes. Both the adhesive and the inks remain on the label – which means that the label washes off without contaminating the water in the washer.


Proven performance

Many existing users have confirmed excellent performance throughout the label life cycle. Avery Dennison Wash-off labelling delivers the following benefits:

  • Potential energy-savings (65°C washer temperatures)
  • No changes to washing process needed
  • No adhesive residues on bottle or in washer
  • Performs well in a tropical environment and is resistant to UV
  • Preserves clarity after lengthy immersion
  • Supports complex shapes and neck labels
  • Suits light and dark containers


The Wash-off product range

Avery Dennison Wash-off materials use a special adhesive with very good wet-out and wash-off performance, and a thin recyclable PET liner. The material can be supplied either ready for the converter to over-laminate or as a complete construction with an over-lamination layer already in place.

Product Code Face Adhesive Liner
AI362* PP30 TOP CLEAR W7600 PET23
AI363* PP50 TOP CLEAR W7600 PET23
AI431** PET19/PP30 TOP CLEAR W7600 PET23
AI430** PET19/PP50 TOP CLEAR W7600 PET23

* Over-lamination done by label converter allowing sub-surface printing

** Complete construction including PET19 over-lam, suitable for surface printing


Also perfect for PET

Note that Wash-off labels also offer exceptional recycling performance for PET containers – please ask your Avery Dennison representative for details.


Launch support

Rapid adoption is straightforward. Avery Dennison provides full launch support, including a prototyping service to help end users with any label redesign process. We will also be happy to conduct a financial feasibility study using a Total Applied Cost (TAC) model.

To learn more about the Wash-off range, contact your Avery Dennison account manager or e-mail us at beerteam@averydennison.com.


Data Sheet AI362

1.5 MB (pdf)

Data Sheet AI363

1.5 MB (pdf)

Data Sheet AI430

1.3 MB (pdf)

Data Sheet AI431

1.3 MB (pdf)

Sellsheet A4 Washoff

887.8 KB (pdf)