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More about the ClearCut adhesive technology

Video confirms ClearCut™ adhesive’s productivity advantages

A live video confirms the ClearCut™ adhesive as the cleaner, efficient alternative to industry-standard emulsion adhesives.
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Designed for speed, reliability and low contamination, the ClearCut™ adhesive range has provided a solution for strong branding and high productivity in the beverage, food, home and personal care and other general purpose segments. Now, the leading Irish label converter Collotype Labels Ireland has reinforced ClearCut’s performance advantage by testing the adhesive against an industry-standard emulsion adhesive during a production run captured on video.

Staged on a servo-driven offset press using a thin, clear film, the experiment unequivocally shows ClearCut to be the cleaner alternative that drives efficiencies. The adhesive offers substantially reduced adhesive bleed, requiring less cleaning time and, consequently, less downtime than the industry standard products. ClearCut reinforces production efficiency benefits even further because it allows for uncompromised printing at higher press speeds.

On top, this adhesive technology’s aesthetic benefits include exceptional clarity, adhesive wet-out and water-whitening resistance, making it a winning choice for the no-label look.

The ClearCut adhesive family includes the general-purpose S7000 adhesive, S7400 with superior water-whitening resistance for beer applications, and S7450, optimized for the irregular glass containers often found in the spirits segment.