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ClearCut adhesive technology

Trooper premium beer’s successful launch with ClearCut™ adhesive

UK brewer and Irish label converter enjoy productivity boost, supply chain improvements and a high-quality label after selecting Avery Dennison’s ClearCut™ adhesive technology for internationally acclaimed ‘Trooper’ premium beer label.

‘Trooper’ is a British premium beer brand, developed by Bruce Dickinson, the lead vocalist in the British heavy metal band Iron Maiden and real ale enthusiast. The beer is brewed and filled by the UK-based Robinson’s Brewery. Launched in 2013, the success of the brand exceeded expectations, forcing a switch to a label stock suitable for larger-volume, combination printing applications.

In search for a solution, the brewer and the supplier of the Trooper labels, Collotype Labels Ireland, based in Swords, Ireland, were focusing on finding a laminate that would deliver both the high-impact presentation that combines the vivid image of Eddie, the band’s flag-waving mascot, with optimum converting efficiency.

For the label converter faced with short runs, frequent job changes and a need to maximum return on its new Gallus RCS 430 four-colour offset, flexo and screen combination press, it was essential that the new laminate ran smoothly and ensured optimum uptime.

After extensive research into the market options and conducting performance tests on the new press, Collotype Labels Ireland and Robinson’s selected Avery Dennison’s PP 50 Top White with  the ClearCut™ S7000 adhesive on a PET23 liner.

The S7000 particularly impressed the brewer and the converter, because it enabled cleaner, faster converting, delivered a premium look, on top of allowing the use of thinner label components that provide the brewer with more labels on a single roll, fewer reel changes, lower freight costs and improved sustainability.

The S7000 adhesive offers up to 40 percent reductions in adhesive bleed, compared with industry-standard emulsion alternatives. For Collotype Labels Ireland, this meant that running the laminate required less cleaning time and, as a result, reduced machine down-time. Furthermore, the enhanced bleed-resistance allows clean printing at higher press speeds. Besides increasing productivity, the higher speeds overcame Robinson’s logistical challenge of meeting the surging demand in a short time.

Collotype Labels Ireland has earned international acclaim for printing the Trooper label, winning the Flint Inks Award for Narrow-Web UV Offset. The label itself was a finalist in the Self-Adhesive Roll Labels category of the Irish Print Awards in 2013. Certainly, there’s no turning back for the bottled beer, which, one year since launching, has gained two national UK supermarket listings and is available in more than 30 countries worldwide.