Thinner, clearer, cleaner with ClearCut™ Adhesive Technology

ClearCut image

The drive towards thinner materials is strong, for a number of reasons. Significant productivity gains can be made: thin materials mean lower transport costs and fewer roll changes. Improved sustainability is also important– with reductions both in waste levels and in the resources needed during manufacture. The new Prime Film portfolio, with ClearCut™ adhesives, delivers all of these benefits across many different product segments.


Clearer labels for maximum impact

ClearCut™ adhesive technology offers excellent water-whitening resistance, making it the product of choice for ‘no label look’ applications. For many squeezable containers, semi-conformable Global MDO dispenses without post application label defects such as wrinkles. Global MDO also gives a 30% haze improvement compared with PE85, and a 100% improvement in water whitening resistance compared with standard emulsion adhesives.

Other ClearCut design options include Polypropylene (PP) and Machine Direction Oriented (MDO) films, with clear, white and metalized facestocks.


Cleaner production

When combined with PET liners, ClearCut products avoid production compromises such as high levels of adhesive bleed and web breaks. Equipment needs to be cleaned less often, and dispensing can continue without interruption, delivering important improvements to productivity throughout the value chain.


Better green credentials

The sustainability gains from ClearCut are illustrated by looking at the potential benefits of replacing all current conventional PE85 consumption with Global MDO. Annual savings would include 3,444 tons of CO2 (equivalent to 675 cars), 1,225 trees, 6,943 barrels of oil and 1,559 tons of solid waste (equivalent to 690 households).


A full range of products for every segment – available now

The Avery Dennison Prime Film Portfolio includes a wide range of different facestocks, with conformable, semi-conformable and rigid films.  Converters can also choose from three adhesives for many different end applications:


  • S7000 was designed for segments such as Home & Personal Care (HPC), food and general purpose applications. Enhanced wet-out performance allows use on many container types.
  • S7400 was designed specifically for Beer applications, where its superior water whitening resistance passes the 72-hour ice chest performance test.
  • S7450 is the newest addition to the portfolio, created for the Spirits and non-alcoholic beverages segments where light-weighting of glass bottles and large label formats require a more functional label material, for a superior brand images on the container.


Products are available for trial today. Ask your representative for samples.