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The bond must be strong – high performance durables labelling

Durable goods, automotive and industrial labelling form a large, diverse segment. From circuit boards and tools, to cables and automotive applications, the labelling opportunities for converters are limitless. 

In many instances, these applications require technically superior, specific constructions that perform in extreme environments. An integral component in the success and endurance of a durable goods label is its adhesive.


The importance of adhesives

Opportunities in this area have their challenges. Standards are extreme, and understanding both end-user needs and regulations is critical. Durable labels must adhere to a wide variety of surfaces such as oily, rough plastics and rubber hoses – often under fierce environmental conditions, for a long time.

Decades of expertise

Avery Dennison develops and manufactures its own unique adhesives, and offers technically advanced products that meet durable labelling challenges from appliances to automotive and beyond.

Our expertise means converters enjoy enhanced cost effectiveness, service and speed. Many Avery Dennison durable adhesives are UL®-recognized, and referencing our file when submitting finished labels to UL can help lower approval costs and response times. Support from the Avery Dennison ADvantage Technical Excellence Team gives you the confidence needed to select and use the right adhesive for every application.


Six adhesives and outstanding service 

A core range of six adhesives performs across the majority of industrial, automotive and household applications. These adhesives offer three different technologies: acrylic emulsion, solvent acrylic and a unique rubber hybridized acrylic. See the table below for details. All six adhesives are part of the Avery Dennison UL-certified labeling portfolio, and are available with various face materials under the Avery Dennison Durables Service Programme.

“The Durables Service Programme is the centerpiece of our overall durable label materials value proposition,” said Markus Mingenbach, segment director, Durables. “It can dramatically simplify life for converters by offering small rolls with low minimum order quantities. Converters can quote on small projects without buying large quantities of materials, saving them working capital, reducing risk and ultimately helping them grow their business.”

A durables adhesive decision tree is available to help guide the choice of the right adhesive for an application. Converters can walk through end user requirements, and help is on hand from your Avery Dennison sales representative or a member of the Technical Excellence team. 

Download the decision tree.


The durable adhesives range

• S8007 – An emulsion-based acrylic adhesive meeting the basic requirements in price driven applications for domestic appliances and electronics.

• S8001 – An emulsion-based product that’s economical yet high-performing on a wide range of surfaces, and in a wide range of environments.

• AL170 – A solvent-based pure acrylic adhesive with a high cohesive strength, featuring superb resistance against chemicals, temperature and UV light; outstanding adhesion levels to metals and other high surface energy surfaces.

• S8030 – A tackified solvent-based adhesive offering high performance on low and medium surface energy substrates.

• S8015 – A solvent-based product that gives high performance on many difficult-to-label surfaces, such as varnished or matt substrates.

• S8039/S8049 – A unique rubber hybridized acrylic adhesive for difficult environments. S8039 and S8049 are well-suited for use in applications where labels must adhere to very difficult, rough surfaces and additionally resist to chemicals and heat as for example in automotive applications. S8039 is available in coat weights of 16 to 40gsm with various face stocks and liners. S8049 is available with coat weight of 45gsm with white and silver polyester films and as transfer tape.

Download the Durables service overview.