Lower your application cost with our biggest ever HP Indigo DigiWine range

butterfly wine label

With seven new and three renewed stocks, the Avery Dennison DigiWine range is now bigger than ever before, giving you far more options for digital wine labelling projects.

Pre-optimised digital materials are an essential part of giving your brand owners reliable customisation and late-stage differentiation. You can provide brand owners the customisation and late-stage differentiation they want most and make big productivity gains with less downtime, up to 5% material savings and better service.

Less downtime: No priming or different topcoats, and save at least 30 minutes a day cleaning
Less waste: Up to one year warranted shelf life and up to 5% material savings
Better service: 10 core products at 24 hours lead time, with a single roll MOQ of 500 sqm (332mm x 1500lm) to cut working capital

TC7214 Topcoat is a proven way to end the risks that come with in-house topcoating. The DigiWine range gives you the ink transfer and anchorage performance needed to create a true premium label.
For a more information, go to Digital Wine Range for HP Indigo page.

The all-new stocks: The renewed stocks:

• Frozen Quartz
• Frozen Orion Diamond
• Verge Blanc
• Verge Crème
• Cotton White
• Martele Blanc
• Rustique Blanc

• High Gloss Wine
• Centaure Blanc
• Rustique Crème
• Crème Antique
• High Gloss White
• MP Plus Silver