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Read more about PET23 liner
Read more about PET23 liner

All the benefits of a PET liner – now for papers too


The thin PET23 liner from Avery Dennison offers a whole range of compelling benefits, with more efficient production, faster and more reliable labelling than with paper liners. Demand for a new paper range has been strong, and the materials now available for the first time allow label converters to improve production and quality across many different applications.

Why PET23?

Compared with the other filmic liners, PET23 liner is leaner, stronger and faster. Avery Dennison is fully committed to this technology, and even more new materials are now in development. The productivity made possible by the PET23 liner is about to set a new standard for label converters, and our technical team is ready to help you gain a competitive edge.

  • PET23 offers substantial material, transport and production time savings, thanks to a thinner laminate and fewer reel changes.
  • The material is stronger, so you’ll hardly see web breaks.
  • High thermal stability means PET23 does not curl or contaminate the label like PP liners do. Registration is excellent under widely varying conditions.
  • PET23 is faster: you will see a significant increase in efficiency during conversion and consistent high speed dispensing, at any label size.
The new paper range

The papers available with PET23 have been chosen to reflect levels of demand and to allow a wide choice of potential applications.

Prime papers

MC Primecoat is available both with S2000N and S2045N, for high speed room temperature and cool temperature applications respectively. MP Plus Silver allows ‘exclusive’ product labelling.

Variable information

Thermal 200LD, Thermal 200HD Plus and Transfer Vellum FSC are available, catering for basic labelling and for applications needing high resistance to environmental conditions.

Wine & spirits

Four papers are available: Matt Wine (S2030 adhesive), High Gloss Wine (S2030), MC Primecoat (S2030) and MP Plus Silver (S2030N) covering your basic demands for high volume applications.

For samples, call your Avery Dennison representative, or use the Sample Ordering page.