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More about Reclosures
More about Reclosures

Outstanding wet reclosure performance - new price level


The high performance of solvent acrylic adhesives is essential for many reclosure applications such as baby, cosmetic and household wipes. Consumers demand an easy open/close along with the repeat-reclosure performance that will last a pack’s lifetime.

The Avery Dennison solvent acrylic adhesive UVR145 is known as a high performance solution to demanding reclosure requirements. Now a new sister adhesive, R1490M, has changed the price level at which high performance reclosures can be created. It offers premium adhesive properties at a very competitive cost.

A product of choice for health & personal care

The new adhesive removes cleanly from PET and PP substrates and offers a smooth and quiet peel. It has good moisture and solvent resistance and can be re-sealed up to 60 times. R1490M is available with a range of facestocks including polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester, co-extruded film and a polypropylene oxygen barrier film.  The adhesive can be supplied with a special gum pattern on 2-metre widths. R1490M also has BfR XIV food approval for dry, non-fatty and fatty foodstuffs, with a reduction factor of 5.

Moving into food applications

R1490M is also becoming established as an option for food applications, thanks to good moisture resistance and clean removal from PET and PP substrates. The adhesive’s good ‘recovery’ properties make it an great choice for packaging that will be opened and closed many times.

Environmental benefits

Compared with UVR145, R1490M has solvent levels that are 60% lower. The adhesive can therefore form an important part of initiatives to improve eco credentials.