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New adhesive: thinner, clearer, cleaner


The benefits of ‘going thin’ are well established – fewer reel changes and lower transport costs to name just two. However, productivity must not suffer: you need to maintain speed without compromising end results.

Fasson® S7000 is truly new adhesive, designed for speed, reliability and reduced adhesive contamination. Global MDO was the first product to fully exploit its capabilities, and now a wider S7000/PET23 product range is about to bring full-speed converting and dispensing to many other thin materials. Big brand owners are already acknowledging very significant performance improvements, with less downtime and lower waste levels, due to the use of thinner materials and PET liner. Major sustainability benefits include a 37% cut in energy use and 50% lower water consumption*.

Outstanding for home and personal care (HPC)

Global MDO remains the product of choice for many semi-squeezable HPC applications, thanks to a ‘forgiving’ drape, reliable high-speed conversion/dispensing and excellent long-lasting clarity. Now PP50 facestocks are also available (clear, white and cavitated white) opening up new options for rigid or low-squeeze projects. S7000 gives excellent wet-out and outstanding resistance to water whitening, allowing the all-important ‘no label’ look.

Great for food and other segments

The new PP40 facestocks (clear and cavitated white), along with other products in the portfolio, provide an excellent option for rigid containers such as jars and dairy containers, bringing laminate calliper down substantially and allowing higher shelf impact for many applications.

Seeing is believing

The uplift in performance made possible by Fasson® S7000 really does need to be seen to be believed. Ask your representative for A4 samples and a datasheet, or go to to find out more.

*According to Avery Dennison Greenprint comparison of Fasson® Global MDO/PET23 with PE85/BG40.