Avery Dennison MultiCycle™ is a patent pending new permanent self adhesive label solution for returnable beer and beverage containers and withstands 30+ product life-cycles*. MultiCycle™ maximizes impact on the shelf, brings a step-change in operational and logistical efficiency and delivers on increased sustainability packaging.


Explore MultiCycle™:

Unique technology

MultiCycle™ a new patent-pending solution that is resistant to the stresses a returnable container is exposed to during its lifetime. It even withstands the high temperature caustic baths used during the bottle-washing process. The label is engineered with a multi-layer construction, where the printing ink is protected with an over-laminate. MultiCycle™ combines the durability of ACL direct print with the much-desired premium look and performance of self-adhesive technology. All this at a total applied cost below the Cut and Stack (wet glue label) price.


High impact shelf appeal

Brand owners will have even more freedom to incorporate brand-enhancing features like special metallic inks and holograms, because the label cost is amortized over multiple product life cycles. Such inclusions add to the converter’s profit margin while reducing the total applied cost per cycle for the end user and improving the shelf impact of the product.


More sustainable

Because MultiCycle™ labels last for the life of the bottle, they provide significant environmental benefits:

  • Permanent reduction of substrates
  • Permanent reduction of ink usage
  • Permanent reduction of transport movements
  • Permanent reduction of energy consumption.

And, unlike with direct print, there is no need to use heavy metal containing inks.


Process efficiencies

MultiCycle™ now gives converters the opportunity to compete favorably in the returnable market, which, traditionally, has been serviced with wet glue labels. And because each bottle is labeled only once in its lifetime, you will have increased capacity to serve new customers without increased capital outlay. Our calculation models show that with MultiCycle™ it is possible to significantly increase your bottom line compared to wet glue production while substantially reducing the number of labels produced.

Beverage manufacturers have the option of labeling bottles in-line, off-line or off-site, enabling greater throughput and less production downtime.


Converter Information Sheet

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Multicycle Technical Instruction

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