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Global MDO captivates food segment & other general purpose applications

Premium facestock registers success in food, beverage and industrial label sectors thanks to exceptional clarity and opacity, conformability and cost benefits.

Thanks to strong benefits such as clarity, conformability and total applied cost improvements, the Global MDO™ facestock is showing success not only in the home and personal care segment but as well in food and many other general purpose applications.

Captivated by its immaculate results on both flat and curved surfaces, as well as its sustainability credentials, brand owners are switching to the material for applications such as packed meats, dairy products, soups, beers and spirits, and even industrial booklet labels.

The secret of Global MDO’s success is its combination with the ClearCut™ S7000 adhesive and a thin, robust PET liner that gives users a flexible label stock and a lower total applied cost through the value chain.

Supported by its PET23 liner, the facestock retains the advantage of high-speed conversion and dispensing, with the 50% thinner construction compared to industry standard alternatives. This allows twice as many labels on a roll, generating cost efficiencies in transport, warehousing and stock management, as well as reducing material waste in the recycling of PET liner.

Furthermore, exceptional wet-out and water-whitening resistance give Global MDO a level of clarity that makes it the ideal canvas for the ‘no label look,’ which withstands the demanding kitchen and bathroom environments for the product’s lifetime. And by assuring up to 40% less bleed, Global MDO is cleaner, avoiding the need for machine downtime to remove adhesive build-up.

Global MDO is available with clear, silver, white, top clear and top white facestocks, for digital as well as conventional printing processes. The range of options, together with powerful aesthetic and productivity benefits, have resulted in a new benchmark for semi-squeezable labelling. Have you thought about how Global MDO applications can enhance your customer’s brands too?