Food safety accreditation for the Avery Dennison Prime Film range of products

Avery Dennison introduces a portfolio of food compliant prime films both corona treated and top coated which meets EU food regulations, giving access to premium food labelling solutions with lower total applied costs and assured regulatory compliance.

Avery Dennison introduces a full range of prime film products for food applications including products using the commercially available TC7007 top coat. A leading food packaging consultancy, Adfopack, has concluded that Avery Dennison’s TC7007 top coat,  applied at the intended film weight, as a top coating on the outside of plastic films, is in compliance with Article 3-1 (a) of Regulation (EC) No 1935.2004 and is safe to be used in all food contact applications.

Confirming the product’s outstanding low-migration properties, the accreditation opens value-added opportunities for the food packaging value chain. The top coat offers both access to premium labelling solutions with lower total applied costs, and the assurance of meeting European safety regulations.

TC7007 is an emulsion-based polymer that provides a strong interface between the ink and film. The unique technology it uses to bond UV-curable inks enables thicker ink layers with greater scratch-resistance. This, in turn, means a more attractive, durable finish.  Furthermore, the stronger bond results in greater label resilience and  allows converting speeds up to four times faster than  alternative top coats.

The addition of a food approved top coat to our food compliant adhesives and face materials provides customers with a wide variety of prime film options to choose from, expanding and  covering the wide ranging needs in the food segment, both in terms of application as in total applied costs.