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Engage your senses – how the new Sensorial range goes beyond label ‘look’

New design options are always important for wine label designers and converters. Making a bottle stand apart from the crowd and achieving an initial sale is a big challenge, and repeat purchases will also depend in part on how a bottle looks and feels – on perceived brand values.

With the Sensorial range, different label surfaces can be created for wines, spirits and craft beers, using soft touch, textured or patterned papers. It means that designers can achieve a premium, vintage or artisanal feel. Wooden labels are available that recall the roots of nature with a delicate natural scent, and even the sound of a consumer’s finger moving over the surface can be considered when selecting the right material to  match the desired brand feel. Ralph Olthoff, Segment Director Wine & Spirits, said that the new Avery Dennison Sensorial range goes beyond wine label appearance: “We all know how important the whole consumer experience is in this segment. Catching a consumer’s eye is just the start. This range has been developed to dig deeper. It considers how a label feels, what it sounds like when touched and if it would benefit from having a scent.”

All of this comes with the great visual impact, ease of conversion and technical support that are standard when using Avery Dennison materials

• Velvet Vellum for soft and smooth premium paper labels

• Soft Touch White for a signature feel

• Textile Look to recall tradition and character

• Fibers Look for a great feel and non-coated traditional look

• Wood mixed materials for visual and textural innovation

• Birch and Cherry Wood for the ultimate craft effect


For more information download the product overview here.