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More about Brand Protection and Security Solutions

The challenge: counterfeiting and tampering

Approximately 5-7% of all world trade* is affected by counterfeiting and tampering.  The damage to a brand’s finances and reputation can be severe – affected goods can quickly compromise years of consumer trust, and in the worst cases consumers’ lives can be put at risk. 

Brand owners in almost every manufacturing segment are looking for effective and dependable ways to protect both their reputation and their customers.  Pharmaceuticals, wine & spirits, consumer electronics, food and high-end cosmetics are just some of the segments where demand for the right security is highest. Pharmaceutical brands also need to comply with The European Falsified Medicines Directive (2011/62/EU).  

For today’s big brands — especially those offering high-value, premium products — mitigating fraud and counterfeiting is no longer optional. Protecting brand image is now paramount to long-term growth and stability, and label converters are seeing rising demand for the necessary tamper-evident and security labelling options. 


The solution: Avery Dennison security technologies

A label is often the first thing seen by a consumer or a business purchaser, and one of the easiest elements of packaging to adjust for higher security levels.  

Which approach to security works best will always depend on the product and the market.  The Avery Dennison security labelling portfolio provides many different solutions that range from cost effective/standard solutions through to sophisticated and tailored security solutions. 

‘Layered’ solutions are also available, which use a combination of security features designed for a particular application. The more layers of security a brand owner applies, the more unlikely they are to fall victim to counterfeiting, pirating or diversion. Avery Dennison helps label converters to protect brand owners with appropriate technology, designed to fit a particular application:

  • Tamper-evident labels
    These provide a clear indication that tampering has occurred by changing appearance or by being virtually impossible to remove. Options such as destructible labels and dry-peel ‘void’ labels can protect customers and brand owners from potentially harmful interference.   
  • Anti-counterfeit solutions
    Hard-to-copy features can be integrated into labels to enable authorities, retailers and/or consumers to tell the difference between an authentic product and a counterfeit one. Measures can be visible or hidden, and they include security threads, holograms, customized (UV) prints, and high-end taggant technology.


Choosing the right approach

Visit the Avery Dennison Brand Protection and Security Solutions page to find out more about our broad security portfolio and capabilities, or ask your usual representative for samples. Our technical specialists will be pleased to help you create a security solution that meets your application needs.

* Source: International Chamber of Commerce: