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Avery Dennison Tyre Labeling Portfolio receives Innovation Award at Label Industry Global Awards 2014

Vulcanisation label in tyre

Avery Dennison's new portfolio of materials for labeling one of the toughest products to brand -- tyres -- was named winner of the Innovation Award for companies with over 300 employees at the Label Industry Global Awards Tuesday, September 9.

The award recognizes the new portfolio’s ability to boost brand image, ensure tracking ability and adhere more securely.

First in the portfolio is the Point-of-Purchase (POP) Tyre Label, which features a film and adhesive construction with production-friendly gum patterns that increase conversion speeds. The POP label material incorporates a special back coating on the polypropylene film, which resists the migration of low molecular-weight components and processing aides from the tyre surface — a common problem in the industry. The barrier prevents materials from bleeding through the surface of the label, preventing label curl and maintaining outstanding print quality and brand appeal. 

“Tyres are one of the most difficult of all labeling applications because of their ‘low-energy’ surfaces, which are inherently resistant to labeling,” said Mark Pickner, Durables segment director for Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials North America. “We developed this portfolio in close consultation with tyre manufacturers, who helped us understand their pain points and identify effective new solutions. This kind of collaboration is a key part of our innovation process, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results.”

The tyre portfolio also features Vulcanized Tyre Labels specifically designed to aid product identification. These constructions provide heat and abrasion resistance needed to withstand the extremes of the tyre’s vulcanization process. As brands serialize their tyres for tracking and safety reasons, the label material can be applied during the final stages and remain integrated and resistant to severe environmental conditions.

The Label Industry Global Awards, organized by Tarsus, are held annually, alternating between Labelexpo Americas in Chicago and Labelexpo Europe in Brussels. The Innovation Awards are awarded to two companies — one with more than 300 employees and one with less than 300 — for a specific innovation in technology or business practice introduced in the label industry. Award entries were judged based on degree of innovation, practical impact in the marketplace and economic and environmental aspects.

More information about the tyre label portfolio and other innovations Avery Dennison featured at Labelexpo this year can be found on the company’s virtual trade show at Innovation experts will be available via chat to provide more information on September 16 and 17 on the virtual trade show site.