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A new solution for silicone surfaces

AIrbag in test car
Label converters can now offer clients a self-adhesive labelling material with excellent performance on silicone coated or contaminated substrates, using Avery Dennison S8092 adhesive.

The new technology overcomes previous performance limitations on these kinds of surfaces. S8092 is a unique adhesive that gives initial tack and final peel adhesion up to 30% greater than competitive materials.


Silicone coated or contaminated substrates are found across many different applications in automotive, aerospace and other industrial segments, including silicone coated airbags and injection-molded parts that are contaminated with silicone and rubber.

  • 30% higher tack and final adhesion on silicone contaminated surfaces, compared with competitive materials
  • Offered with a 36µm white topcoated polyester face material for improved flexibility on curved surfaces
  • Excellent temperature, chemical and UV resistance
  • High adhesive coat weight for application on rough and textured substrates (for example, airbag fabrics)
  • Reduced cleaning time on press, compared with competitive materials
Product Overview
Code Facestock Adhesive Liner Service
AO774 Transfer PET 36 White TOP S8092 (40 gsm) PET 75 RW 178mm*250lm MOQ:1 roll
AS191 Transfer PET 36 White TOP S8092 (50 gsm) PET 75 RW 208mm*250lm MOQ:1 roll